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The Horseshoe game is quite simple; you certainly do not need any specific training. If you have 4 players on 2 teams, each one takes a turn tossing the horseshoe at a spike in the ground. Try to get them as close to the spike as possible. This game has been played from years now and has had the same rules ever since. You should follow some simple instructions in order to start playing this horseshoe game - but whichever rules you follow, learning how to play horseshoes is simple enough. You can either play singles or doubles depending upon your interest. Players stand opposite of each ends of the court. One side pitches and the opponents announce the score, retrieve the shoes and later pitch them. Similar to horseshoe game, Ladder Ball is also played from years whose rules and information can be found at some great sites, like our friends have put together. To check them out follow this link for more information.
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