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You’ve decided it would be fun to play some backyard badminton. Badminton is great game because badminton equipment isn’t very expensive, it’s easy to set up a court, everybody in the family can join in and you don’t have to be a super athlete to enjoy it. For that matter, badminton can be as competitive as you choose – from a simple game of serve and volley with your eight year-old, all the way up to a Katy bar the door and watch out for those bloodthirsty smashes.

Choosing A Badminton Set

One of the best things about badminton is that you can find a badminton set at just about any price, from a low of around $20 up to $140. As with almost everything in life, a high-quality badminton set costs more than a set of lesser quality but only to a point.

A badminton set costing less than $20, such as the Gamecraft Badminton Set, includes four tempered steel racquets (which are nylon strung), two ground sleeves, two shuttlecocks, two 1″ diameter steel poles, and a mesh net. The poles come in three parts, have thin walls (making them easy to bend), and have to be assembled. Ground sleeves mean you place the sleeves into the ground and the poles into the sleeves. The set does not include any ropes and stakes to help keep the poles upright and the net from sagging.

A Better Badminton Set

For a few dollars more, you can buy a set such as the Franklin Sports Intermediate Badminton Set at around $22. It has the same components as the cheaper set but the poles are telescoping so they don’t have to assembled. They are also hexagonal shaped (for greater strength), and made from PVC plastic. The set includes stakes and net saver clips to help keep the poles upright and the net from sagging. The net has stronger tape at the top for reinforcement. The rackets are made from stronger tempered steel, have padded handles and strung with Hy-Sheep racket string.

badminton set

A $50 Badminton Set

If you’re willing to pay around $50, you can get a set such as the Franklin Classic Series Badminton Set. Its net has a stronger binding and a top net cable for increased tension. There are four rackets will graphite handles and contoured, padded grips. The set has telescoping, octagonal poles and three pro-style shuttlecocks. There is also a heavy-duty carrying case and a one-year limited warranty.

Super Deluxe Badminton Sets

So, what will you get for, say, around $100 that you won’t get in the less costly sets? One such set is the Park and Sun Badminton Pro Set. It has 1.5”, two-piece, telescoping aluminum poles, instead of 1” steel or PVC. It has four, 10” ground stakes and a 1/8” guyline system with tension rings for enhanced stability. The net is official size with 1” top tape and 4” side sleeves. The Park and Sun set also comes with boundary lines to help you set up the court so there is no need to measure length and width. The set has three A-Grade shuttlecocks, four, high quality, tempered steel rackets and a high-quality carry bag.

Getting The Best Price On A Badminton Set

If you’d like a good quality badminton set but without having to spend nearly as much as you would for a dinner and a movie, all you have to do is shop around. For example, you can pay as much as $115 for the Park and Sun Badminton Pro Set described above or with a few minutes of online shopping, get the same set for as little as $79.18. The intermediately priced Franklin Classic Series Badminton Set sells for $69.99 on at least one online shopping site but can be purchased for $49.99 at another – a savings of $20.

Here are some other badminton sets and their typical costs:

  • Heritage Badminton Set $130.00
  • Frontgate – Tournament-quality Badminton Set $129.00
  • Sportcraft Premium Combo $63.99
  • Deluxe Badminton Set $42.00
  • Gamecraft Badminton Set $35.95
  • Franklin Sports Advanced Badminton Set $29.99
  • Classic Badminton Set $28.22
  • Regent Badminton Volleyball Set PVC poles $13.99

Buying A Badminton Set

For years of backyard fun, your best bet would be to buy a moderately priced badminton set in the $40 to $50 price range. This will buy you a more durable badminton set where you won’t be constantly trying to keep the poles upright, the net from sagging and where the rackets will give good service for many years without the strings losing their zing.

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