Basic Instruction on How to Play Horseshoes

The Horseshoe game is quite simple; you certainly do not need any specific training. If you have 4 players on 2 teams, each one takes a turn tossing the horseshoe at a spike in the ground. Try to get them as close to the spike as possible. This game has been played from years now and has had the same rules ever since. You should follow some simple instructions in order to start playing this horseshoe game – but whichever rules you follow, learning how to play horseshoes is simple enough. You can either play singles or doubles depending upon your interest. Players stand opposite of each ends of the court. One side pitches and the opponents announce the score, retrieve the shoes and later pitch them. Similar to horseshoe game, Ladder Ball is also played from years whose rules and information can be found at some great sites, like our friends have put together. To check them out follow this link for more information.

Rules of the game

  • Make your choice on which side you want to go
  • Decide who takes the first biscuit by tossing a coin.
  • It is essential next to set up the horse shoe pitch. It should be set up 40 ft apart and the pitching box should be 6 ft diameter filled with sand or other soft material to absorb the impact caused by the horseshoe. Make sure you set up the target by locating the target in the center.
  • After tossing the horseshoe you should make sure that each player is standing in the pitching box at their end and toss the horseshoe towards the pitching box at the opposite end.
  • If the horseshoe is landing flat then it is not easy to play; this is known as ringer and it gives you 3 points. If no other player lands closest, then you will be awarded 1 point. If players are tossing the ringer, then it is void and you will be repeating the throw again and the nearest to the other horseshoes will be awarded a single point.
  • Once the player reaches 21 points, he will be declared as the winner!

How to play this tactic game?

You can play this as doubles and it is more fun to play this way. You can either play as just doubles or walking doubles. In case of the regular doubles, both the team members use one pair of shoes each. Pairs of players one on each end stands and based on the toss win, a players starts pitching in and the other opponent announces the score, retrieves the shoes and pitches them back.

In walking doubles it is slightly different, all players will have their own set of shoes. The contestants with low scores pitch their 4 shoes, then the higher rated pitchers do the same for 4 shoes. Later they walk to the other end of the court, decide their scoring and pick their shoes.

Making score

If there are no ringers, closest shoe will make 1 point. If there are no ringers, then 2 closest shoes will make 2 points. If a shoe props up against the stake then you may score 2 points. Players can score more than one way during a single round. Learn more about How to Throw a Ringer in Horseshoes here

Cancelling scoring

If you and your opponent both score a ringer during the same run, the ringers are cancelled. This rule will help prolong a game and make it even more challenging for the skilled players of both the teams.

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