Build Your Own Corn Toss Game

Build Your Own Corn Toss Game

Are you planning to build your own corn toss game at home for your kids? It is a great do-it-yourself project that you can even involve your little ones to get working on it. A corn hole is the parking lot version of the horseshoes. This game along with Ladder Ball (, which has spread so rapidly across the country that you can just play once and believe me, you will be so addicted to it. This game is pretty simple and safe to play even in the crowd. The equipment is easy to store and transport.

Here is a simple instruction list on how to build your own corn toss game easily in few steps.

  1. Prepare the corn board

    Make 2 identical corn boards with these specifications. Drill 4 inch x 4 ft studs and 4 inch x 21 inches (short sides) studs. If you want to get 2 pieces to create the fold, then measure them and add a 27 degree angle to it.

  2. Make the frame

    Next step is creating the box frame. To do this, make sure you take the frames of 48 inches and 21 inches long and place them in the layout where you are trying to create the frame. Make sure that the 21 inches long sections will firmly get fixed inside the 48 inch long sides. Once you get a good hold of everything and the frame fits appropriately in the square, then your next task is to pre-drill 2 point holes through every corner of the 48 inch sides and into 21 inch length. It is pretty easy to screw all the 4 corners when the holes are appropriately drilled. Later you can come back and tighten the screws. Now your frame is complete; you can set it aside for later usage.Build Your Own Corn Toss Game

  3. Make the top

    Now the plywood sheet will need a hole so that the bean bags can be easily tossed into it. The holes are almost 6 inches in diameter and 9 inches from top if you take the plywood. Make sure you drill the hole exactly at the center of the plywood. Even a slight mistake can create the mismatch and you will not be able to work appropriately with it. Next step is to find the center of the line where plywood is just 2 ft wide. It is pretty easy and simple to create a hole with 6 inch drill and the saw. After the holes are drilled, shine the surface with the sand paper.

  4. Create the fold out legs

    The top end needs to be rounded off in order to be able to rotate the top freely. Cut fold out feet for balancing the corn board. Sand it with a sand paper to get smoother edges.

  5. Final assembly

    Now that the top and the frame are pretty much ready, you can easily hinge the bolt. Position the frames appropriately. Assemble the frames and decks so that they do not leave any gap. After this, tape out the design; this design can be any decoration that can be easily painted. Attach the handles for easy operation. Now, it is the right time to bolt the legs to the frames. Here is your Corn toss game set completely ready for playing.

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