How To Play Frisbee Golf

How To Play Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf is one of the most enjoyable golf games and has very similar rules used in club golf games. This game has been around for over 40 years and an often enjoyed game on any family outing. There are certain rules one needs to follow in order to play the Frisbee golf. One must not throw the disk until you are sure that it will not distract the opponent player. A stroke is counted every time the Frisbee is thrown; then a penalty is imposed if there are any flaws. Then the scores will be totaled at the end of the game. Whoever gets the lowest strokes is the winner.

Below are a couple of steps/ instructions you need to follow in order to play Frisbee golf with fun.

Tee off order

Start by mutually arranging or flipping discs. Odd man should be going first. The previous score on the hole determines the tee off on the subsequent holes. The player who has scored the least number of tee offs will go first for playing.

Marker disc

Marker discIt is a special mini disc which is used to mark every throw and is not used in the normal game. The thrown disk is left as long as it comes to rest until the marker disc placed on the ground touches the disc directly. You can then pick up the thrown disc once it comes to rest.

Standing in the right position

tee lineWhen you are throwing the disc is it very essential to place your foot appropriately in its location as long as it is very close to the tee line or the marker disc. You can place the other foot anywhere as long as it is not too close to the hole than the rear of the marker disc.

Make sure you follow through

The rule applies for stepping past marker disc after you throw the disc. This is applicable on any throw except while you are putting the disc, especially when the rear of the  is 10 m of the hole. The player cannot fall forward after throwing even if you lose your balance. Remember, you will incur infraction for this.

In some extreme cases, your disc might get stuck in a tree or bush at least 2 m above the ground, marker disc is placed exactly below it and carefully removed from the tree. This will increase your throw count by 1. If your disc falls in between the out of bounds area and the inbounds, then you will incur a penalty of 1 throw.

Try to avoid this because your disc may sink. If you do not like landing on water, then you can play the out of bounds throws. You may occasionally take a one throw penalty. You can relocate the disc to a dryer area not too close to the hole.

Keeping a dog leg while playing

This is used to keep the players out from alternative use areas or make a particular hole much more difficult. This is usually designed on a tee sign. Place the arrow to decide which direction it should pass.

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