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The Rules for Texas Horseshoes

Texas horseshoes is also well known as Washers, Irish Quoits, Hillbilly Horseshoes and Redneck Horseshoes. You may call the games whatever you want; these games are just slight variations of each other and all are great fun to play with the whole family. The Washers game involves pitching washers and not horseshoes, at two boards with three holes. Whoever scores 21 points first is the winner. This game can be played by both children and adults alike. In addition to what we set out below, you can find out more information about how to play the game of horseshoes here.

Set up the game

The 2 board should be placed 10 ft apart from each other; make sure you measure the exact distance with a rope. People generally prefer to play on the lawn or carpets in get a smoother finish. The player can toss the horseshoe at the selected board and the opponent also does the same.

Position the player

This is a team game and you would not enjoy the fun completely unless you play in a group. Each team will be standing opposite to each other. Either each one goes for a round or may take turn by turn depending upon your interests and the team agreement. Either way still follows the job. Each player throws their respective washers with both feet placed on the washboard. If any player crosses the washboard, then the game is fouled.


The nearest hole can score 1 point for you while the middle hole can get you 3 points and the one at the rear end can fetch you total 5 points. You are allowed to knock off the washers on your opponent’s board. The person who knocked off washers gets the applicable score for the hole into which it was knocked. Each player is eligible to throw 3 washers in each round. Players tally their scores and continue throwing at the other board.

Cancel points

The opponent player holds the rights to cancel the score after a player completes throwing their turn. This rule counts only for turns in the same round. Both players should throw all their washers for a complete round.

Player turns

A player can throw first in the next round if he/she has played last in the previous game. In this round, the player will have 3 chances to throw and then an opposing player will make three washers as a second turn; this way every round consists of 2 turns.


Whether it is a team or an individual player reaches 21 points first, they will be declared as the winners. However, make sure that the round has to be complete. Breaking the 21 point level will create penalty.

Breaking 21 point penalty

In case a player exceeds the winning point of 21 points, then he will have to incur penalties. In every round if the opponent makes the washer fall in the same hole, the game is again void. After each player completes his/her turn, then the scores are added up, and adjusted in case they need to be cancelled at the end of the opponents’ turn.

However, remember that these rules are pretty flexible especially if you are trying to play with your little children. If you are interested in outdoor games that are played from years, here is a good post to read.

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